Tournament Format

The Main Event

This is Edmonton’s premier cash tournament.

The cost of the TPC at Sherwood is $200.00 a shift. There are three qualifying shifts: Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, and Saturday afternoon. You are welcome to enter as many shifts as you would like or need, but you may only qualify once. Each shift will consist of 8 games. Once all three shifts are completed, the top 31 entries will be determined based on the 8 game total pinfall of each individual, after removing all duplicate entries.

The 32nd qualifying spot will be awarded to the winner of the consolation round.

The consolation round will be a 3 game, total pinfall roll off, awarding the top spot the 32nd position. This is open to the bowlers who qualified in the 31 – 63 spots after duplicate entries are removed. The cost for the consolation round is $20.00 a bowler.

Any ties for the 31st or 63rd position will be settled by a 1 game roll off. Any ties for positions between 1 – 31 will be settled by the highest final game of the bowlers.

Consolation Round

Bowlers Qualified from 32-63 will bowl in the Consolation.  After each game, the field of bowlers will cut in half.  Only the top half of scores will move on to the next round.  32 bowlers, than 16, 8, 4, than the final match against the final 2.  The winner of the Consolation will move on to the Championship Sunday. 


Once the consolation round is completed and the 32 qualifiers are solidified, the bowlers will then be entered into both of the two brackets.

The ‘A Side” bracket will be seeded based on the bowlers qualifying position. The highest qualifier will face the lowest qualifier; the second highest qualifier will face the second lowest qualifier, etc. For example

1st qualifier will face 32nd qualifier.
2nd qualifier will face 31st qualifier.
3rd qualifier will face 30th qualifier.

The ‘B Side” bracket will be a random draw. Therefore, any qualifier can face any qualifier in the first round of the bracket.

Each round will consist of 3 game match play. The total pinfall of all three games combined will be used to determine each match winner. In the event of a tie for total 3 game pinfall, the winner will be determined based on who won the most individual games within the 3 game match. The winner of each round will then move onto the next round. This will

The winner of the “A Side” will then face the winner of the “B Side” to determine the tournament champion.

Big Rock Doubles

The Big Rock Doubles event will be a no tap scotch doubles tournament. “No tap” refers to a scoring system where if you leave 1 corner pin standing on your first ball it will automatically be counted as a strike. We will be using the alternating frame format for the scotch doubles aspect.

The tournament will commence with a 6 game qualifying round. The top 16 teams with the highest total pinfall will then move onto the match play finals.

The match play finals will be seeded based on qualifying position. For example, 1st seed will face 16th seed; 2nd seed will face 15th seed, etc.

Each match will consist of one match play game using the scotch doubles no tap format, the winner moving on to the next round.

This will repeat until we have a doubles tournament champion!

The cost of the doubles event will be $200.00 a team, which will also include a singles pot paid out to highest doubles team game rolled in each of the 6 qualifying games.

Download the TPC Sherwood Entry Form

Event Schedule

The TPC at Sherwood will be held this year at Sherwood Bowl, in Sherwood Park, Alberta. The tournament dates are November 2-5, 2017.

Thursday - November 2nd, 2017

TPC Invitational - $1000 Buy-In

Friday - November 3rd, 2017

9:00am - 8 Game Qualifying Shift

1:00pm - 8 Game Qualifying Shift
7:00pm - Scotch Doubles Tournament

Saturday - November 4th, 2017

8:30am - 8 Game Qualifying Shift
2:30pm - 8 Game Qualifying Shift
7:30pm - Consolation Round Roll-Offs

Sunday - November 5th, 2017

9:00am - Championship Round